Admin Columns Pro

Admin Columns Pro is the perfect solution for getting a high-level view of your content. It adds extra columns to the Posts Screen so that editors can view post details without loading the Edit Post screen.

What are Admin Columns, and why do I need them?

Admin Columns are columns of a “Posts Table” on the Posts Screen of the WordPress Admin. For example, back in 2012 I was building a podcast plugin for a local church. I wanted to display the podcast series and category on the Posts Screen. So I did some research, wrote some code, and wound up with this:

Now I can view and filter based on the series and category, without having to click on each individual post. Getting a cohesive high-level view of your content is a cornerstone principle for effective WordPress site managers.

All in all, it took me about half a day to write this. With Admin Columns, I could’ve done it in 5 minutes. Here’s a sample of what that plugin looks like:

The Admin Columns settings screen
Posts Screen with the customized sortable columns.

I have just met Admin Columns, and I love Admin Columns! Where do I get Admin Columns?

There are two versions of Admin Columns: the base Admin Columns plugin (available through the WordPress repo), and Admin Columns Pro (purchase with multiple American dollars here). I recommend you give the free plugin a quick test drive, and then buy the Pro version as quickly as your little fingers can type, because you get so many cool features.

Go Pro or Go Home

For a stressed WordPress manager with too much content and too little time , the inline edit feature of Admin Columns Pro is an absolute life-saver.

Imagine being able to change bits of post meta straight from the Posts Edit Screen, rather than clicking on every. individual. post. you. need. to. edit. I’ve been stuck editing 50 posts or more at a time, when Admin Columns Pro would’ve saved me hour upon hour of repetitive, mind-numbing work.

Here it is in action (their video, not mine. ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.):

So please, go give these people your money. Your investment will likely save you untold amounts of time and drudgery and pay you back many times over, leaving you more time to meditate on your hobbies.

Need some help configuring Admin Columns Pro?

As I learned last Thanksgiving during turkey-carving time, buying a power tool doesn’t mean you automatically know how to use it. With my help, you’re sure to get as much out of Admin Columns Pro as possible.