Hire this man!

Like I said on the About page, I’ve been a professional WordPress developer since 2011. I’ve built a bunch of sites, seen a lot of action.

I would be happy to get my hands dirty on your content. Eh, that came out kind of wrong, but you get the gist. I excel at ruthlessly efficient WordPress content editing.

It’s a lot like Michangelo sculpting David, but like doing all the sculpting with a 200cc gas turbine weed-whacker. All the finesse and skill, but much much faster.

My services include:

WordPress Content Auditing

For a nominal sum, I will audit your website for common content issues, such as unnecessary markup, poorly aligned images, and inconsistent styles and formatting. I’ll also be scanning for information architecture improvements and usability bottlenecks. I will then give you a report with my findings and recommended solutions. An exact quote will be provided, but on average, the price runs:

  1. Less than 20 URLs*: $49 American Dollars
  2. 20-40 URLs: $99 American Dollars
  3. 40-60 URLs: $149 American Dollars
  4. 60-80 URLs: $299 American Dollars
  5. 80-100 URLs: $499 American Dollars

* Note: URL is used in lieu of “pages,” since that can be confused with the “Pages” post type. The scan will include whatever post types your site uses.

Style Guide Creation

One of the best ways to keep your content consistent is to use a informal style guide. I am an expert at simple, effective organizational tactics, and I’d love to help you craft one for your own website. The needs for every website vary, so please contact me for a quote if you are interested.

Custom WordPress Efficiency Tips

I do my best to cover how to make editing WordPress content extremely efficient on this blog, but everyone has something super-specific to their own website.

I would love to help you figure out a way to make a 2-hour task a 2-minute task, and I would love it even more to be paid to do so! If you’ve got something dragging down your editing process, feel free to contact me for a quote.

Custom Plugin Setup

There are a lot of great paid plugins out there that bring a lot of power to the WordPress CMS. However, that often means that they come with lots and lots of settings. I will be your wingman through the setup process and save you from the swamp of slogging through all those options on your own. Contact me for a quote.


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