About WP Editor Pro

Who is this guy?

Hello, my name is Josh. I was introduced to WordPress in 2010, when I got a job blogging about cool stuff to do in my hometown. The writing came easy, but the editing was sometimes difficult. Fortunately I was in college at the time, and had just taken a class on Internet basics.

Before long, I stopped blogging and started developing sites in WordPress. Since 2011, I’ve built about 50 WordPress sites from scratch.

WordPress Administrators Need A Good Editing Experience

I’ve found over the years that many developers tend to forget that the editing experience should be just as good as the user experience. WordPress website managers should not be handed clunky admin areas by developers who only think about the front-end, or public, side of the site.

Efficient WordPress Editing

My focus in building every WordPress website I create is to make content editing efficient. I should know! When I was a junior developer, I was the one putting content in for page after page after page, sometimes hundreds of pages per site. That’s exhausting, even for a savvy computer user.

So I looked for ways to speed up the slow parts of my process. I found a whole bunch of plugins that make managing a WordPress site much easier than normal. And that’s what I’m here to tell you about.

Don’t Waste Time on Repetitive Tasks

Wasted hours are a tragedy. I want to help you speed up your process, so that you can edit content in a quarter of the time, a tenth of the time it normally takes you. Saving time has an exponential benefit: as it spreads, it creates more and more opportunities for something truly great to develop. So that’s what I’m here to do: I want to show you how to efficiently edit and manage a WordPress website. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tell Me Your WordPress Editing Problems

So if you’ve found something that’s hard to do in WordPress, let me know about it! If there’s something that frustrates you, I want to know what it is. I promise you, I’ve been where you are now, I can help you, and I want to help you. All you have to do is ask.

Website Tone & My Esteemed Competitors

When it comes to solving your problems, I’ll try to get straight to the point. It’s good to be professional and all, but I do like to indulge in silliness every now and then. I’ll try to keep it to a reasonable level.

Some distinctions from my worthy rivals:

  1. This is a site solely for efficient WordPress editing. I aim to be the definitive source for everything about editing and managing a WordPress site. Most other sites split their attention, only coming around to look in on the editing experience whenever it’s convenient. I am writing because I care about you and your problems. I’m writing because I have been where you are. I am writing to make your life better.
  2. I aim to save you time, but also to not waste your time. I’ve read so many “option” blog posts about WordPress, with titles like “The 6 Best Page Builder Plugins,” or “27 plugins that are great for ANY WordPress Website.” We don’t have time for generic posts, and we don’t have time for so many not-so-different options, that’s overwhelming!. I will find the best solution for a specific problem, and write about that.
  3. Most other sites don’t put enough creativity into their topics or their writing. We get stuck with blog posts that are optimized for SEO but not optimized for human beings. Most don’t bring us anything the WordPress documentation doesn’t already cover. We deserve a better class of blogger. They don’t go in-depth enough; they’re not thinking of the tips and tricks that a veteran WordPress content editor would know. Like I said, I’ve been doing this since 2010. I’m better than most and driven to become the best.

A Final Word: How I Plan to Make Money From This Site

That said, I do plan on putting ads on this site. I’m putting a lot my knowledge out there, and I need to make a dime out of this thing somehow. However:

Instead of doing what most sites do, that is, cramming ads about this that and whatever in every nook and cranny of their site, I plan to keep ads away from the post content, so you can read it faster.

I also plan on keeping the ads focused to things you guys actually need. Services and plugins I use myself on a daily basis. You’re getting my guarantee that if there’s an ad up there, it’s not only because I’m using it to make money, it’s because I believe in it.

If I do put an ad in the content, it will be because the plugin or service I’m promoted deals directly tied to the content at hand, usually at the end of the post.

If I get paid to review a plugin, I’ll be up front about it: I promise to let my readers know that I got paid to review it, and also give the plugin an honest review. Paying me to review your product will get you a spot on my blog, but it won’t guarantee you five stars. Readers deserve the truth.